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Indie Heaven runs a record company.

In the broadest possible sense of this concept.

If you're an individual artist owner-operator, you're functioning as a record company. You are creating music in your (home) studio and trying to sell it, which is the same thing record companies do.

Or, you can envision a large operation like a WEA, which has dozens of labels underneath it (each of which handles multiple artists that may have solo careers in addition to being members of multiple bands), and is in turn owned by a holding company like Warner Bros Inc.

Indie Heaven scales from 1 artist to 1000's. Seamlessly, robustly, on demand. It handles your promo, your money, your events and bookings, and everything you need to run a profitable business.

Visit Indie Heaven in the Cloud !

Indie Heaven Cloud Edition scales to 1000's of Artists and web sites. It will stream to 50,000 users in Japan at high noon, and perform simultaneous financial rollups on dozens of business entities in seconds.

Indie Heaven puts professional marketing power in the hands of individual artists.

Indie Heaven proudly supports the Open Source community.


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